LFW Bodies & GRD

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1. Power Take-Off Mounting Clearance envelope must be provided on the main transmission for a regular duty type, truck Side Opening Power Take-Off per SAE J772. Clearance must be available 36’ immediately rear of PTO opening for mounting pump drive shaft and pump.

2. Minimum CA/CT is required to be unobstructed rear of cab and above frame (See chart).

3. Front and rear GAWR’s must equal or exceed the maximum ground reaction and minimum wheelbase requirement must be met to handle maximum rated load (See chart).

4. (a) If the front bare chassis weight is less than shown in the table, counterweight will be required to equal the difference. If the front bare chassis weight is more than shown in the table, a counterweight will not be required and the front ground reaction will increase by direct addition of the difference.

(b) If actual bare truck chassis rear weight differs from that shown inthetable, modify ground reaction by direct addition or subtraction of the difference.

5. 18” Clearance required on outside of chassis frame for the vertical cylinder on LFW 303-C.

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